We can overcome any language barrier. 
Foreigners, please feel free to consult us!

At Home Hands Matsumoto, we accept requests move foreign clients.
We do not employ translation staff, but when you call or visit we will do our best to communicate clearly with you. Please feel free to consult with us.

Procedures before moving

Make a request for an estimate by phone.

Generally we require one month before the moving date, but depending on our schedule it may be possible to receive your request up to two days before the planned moving date. Please consult us via telephone.
If there are many belongings to be moved, we will come to make an estimate in person.
If there are few belongings to be moved, we can make the estimate by phone. Please list up the items to be moved and call us.

If you have requests for services other then moving please let us know (air conditioner removal/installation, waste disposal, packing, etc)

Taking advantage of FAX and email communication is one way to reduce verbal misunderstandings.

Respond whether or not you would like to contract with us.

Please reconfirm the moving plan fees, which change with open service time (choosing a day and leaving the time period to us), set service time (a specific time period on the moving day), the addition of packing services, etc.

Preparation of cardboard boxes and other packing material

Confirm whether you would like the moving company to prepare boxes or that you will get them yourself.

※There are cases were we cannot move certain objects without boxes, so please be careful.

The day before moving

The moving company will make a confirmation call to you, so please make sure to tell us your contact information. If you forget to tell us or are not asked this information during the estimate, please let us know by the day before the move. Also, please make sure to have the key to your new home in hand by the day before the move.

The moving day

Set service time: Please wait for the moving truck which will arrive by the start of the designated moving time
Open service time: If we know the time the move will start, the moving company will call you to let you know. The moving process will begin as soon as the truck arrives, so please be prepared.
The moving fees are generally paid in cash. Please prepare cash for payment on the moving day.